2nd Chance Corporation School for Troubled Teens, Admits Students of any Race, Color and National or Ethnic Origin.
"What is the point of working with horses?"   

There are a wide variety of benefits from the therapy provided through working with horses. A few of them include enhanced emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral and educational skills. 

The 2nd Chance Learning Center will improve self-confidence, self-discipline and interpersonal communication ability, increase the quality and satisfaction of life as well as self-esteem, develop patience and reduce stress. Problem solving, work ethic, team work, confidence, attitude and relationship building character traits will benefit also. 

The program provides a thorough knowledge of working in the barn with the horses and time to acquire the skill of riding while implementing safe techniques and precautions. Several studies have been done as to the effectiveness of equine assisted therapy versus traditional therapeutic sessions. In nearly all cases, teens who receive equine therapy on average experience greater total therapeutic and psychological change. 

Completion of the student's education at 2nd Chance, either by diploma from a local school district or GED testing facility , will be determined by each individual student and their desire to succeed in the program.

Board of Directors

Ron Silverman- President

Dale Lubahn - Vice President

​George Nelson - Treasurer

Patti Silverman - Secretary

Mike Elliott - Director

Harvey Becker - Director

Tony Falbe - Director

​Kim & Cindy Arnold - Director

Ron Parson - Director

Michael Forrest - Director

Mark Robb - Chaplain

​Dave Schlump -Principal

Joel Oosting - Court Liaison

Tim Taylor - Legal Advisor

John Cornell - Financial Advisor

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Where Character Matters.
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A Learning Center for troubled teens who deserve a 2nd Chance.